Frequently Asked Questions

What is SandCage?
SandCage is an image processing engine, compressing images intelligently to help companies reduce bandwidth consumption and increase connectivity. The SandCage technology reduces the image file size by up to 99%, while maintaining the resolution and quality of the original image. It is a third party image handling service, available both as a SaaS or licensable software.
Who is SandCage for?
Applicable markets include content heavy web and mobile applications, cloud computing, health care, military, aerospace and more.

E-commerce companies, SaaS services, media sites, advertising services, social networks, mobile applications, blogs, and even identity sites benefit from our services. SandCage is best positioned to help those who want to speed up the load times of their site or service, as well as for those who have a growing online presence and need to scale.
I am not a developer, can I link SandCage to my service/website and operate my SandCage account?
Linking your account requires an integration with SandCage. If you have a WordPress site, you can install the SandCage WordPress plugin, otherwise the integration will be a quick task which will require a developer. You can find the developer tools and resources here.

Any member of your team can operate and maintain your account.
Is it meant to replace my cloud hosting and/or CDN service which I am currently using?
Absolutely not. SandCage does not replace those capabilities. Hosting and delivery are an inherent part of the SandCage service in addition to image and file processing (resizing, compression, rotating, resize to fit, and much more). However, if you are looking for a host and CDN service, SandCage also provides those as part of its comprehensive package.
Why do my files need to be processed?
Hosting and delivery account for the outgoing traffic between your service and your end users. But what about your incoming traffic? Files uploaded to your service are considered incoming traffic. All incoming traffic is being processed by your existing servers.

Processing is the overlooked element which is desperately needed in order to meet any performance and scalability requirements. With SandCage, your files are processed away from your infrastructure. Once processed, they are hosted on the cloud and when requested, they are delivered with a CDN. This makes SandCage a comprehensive solution to optimize your site's performance by incorporating all three elements in one place: processing, hosting, and delivery.
Will I need to drop my current hosting and delivery service in order to do the combined processing-hosting-delivery with SandCage?
No, you also have the option to link and use your own s3/ftp hosting solution, while still using SandCage for your file processing.
What types of files is SandCage handling?
Hosting and delivery: All types of files
Image processing: JPEG, PNG, GIF (including animated GIF), WEBP and BMP
SandCage is also offering realtime adaptive compression, choosing the file format that produces the smallest file size. This adds another layer of performance optimization.
SandCage is the only solution that supports animated webp-to-gif conversions.
I am using a single dedicated server to deliver my site, can SandCage help me increase the user capacity?
Absolutely. By offloading the bandwidth and processing needs of heavy static assets to SandCage, you can fine-tune and re-purpose the resources of the server to handle the lightweight, dynamic requests. This capacity gain can free up resources, better utilized by stacks such as caching layers. In addition, you eliminate requests to the web server, further increasing the capacity of the existing server.
I tried using the SandCage price calculator but I am still not sure how to predict my monthly fees. Can you help?
SandCage was created to reduce your running costs, not increase them. We aim to provide the lowest rates among our competitors. For example, small companies would likely fall in the $20 per month range.

If you are unsure about your monthly fees, contact us here.
I have a WordPress site. Can I use SandCage with it?
Any WordPress site using at least version 3.2 can make use of our SandCage plugin. Simply plug and use it. Sites using WordPress versions prior to 3.2 will need to upgrade.
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